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American Sniper – Human Experience of War

February 18th, 2015 Posted by Blog No Comment yet

Beyond the debate of the film’s accuracy, form, or politics, the value of the film opens the viewer to the human story of war and its aftermath. Zachary Moons’s post American Sniper and the War Story We Cannot Tell on Huffington Post highlights the complex challenges returning veterans and their families experience. Equally as important is our responsibility to understand the human experience of war and the people who return from fighting them.

Thoughts on Virtual Violence

February 12th, 2015 Posted by Blog No Comment yet

“Sad souls and broken hearts find rays of hope in grief. Anger and pain can yield to the power of love and forgiveness.” Rather than allowing violence and war to have control over our communities, congregations can bring their unique strengths and capacities for care toward healing and restoration.