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Memorial Day, A Misunderstood and Possibly Forgotten Observance?

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While we memorialize the lives of those killed in war, we must also remember the losses that war takes from our veterans who return home. Statistics do not reveal anything but numbers. However, when we personally know of a veteran (estimated 22 veterans commit suicide each day) who was haunted and overwhelmed by the spiritual and psychological pain of war, statistics become a person.

Monday-Morning Quarterback, Hindsight Prompts the Question: Is That How Good People Act?

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Here I would disagree with Taub and Horton. Not only does society have a responsibility but it has the resources for “burden sharing.” The faith community has unique strengths and capacities to share the moral burdens of war by providing a social support, established spiritual traditions of prayer and meditation, and the practice of rituals stemming from a rich history of healing, forgiveness, repentance, and reconciliation.