Soul Care Worship Resources

Service of Repentance, Reconciliation and Restoration

Many veterans embark on a spiritual quest for forgiveness, peace, and reconciliation.  The dynamics of forgiveness and reconciliation, spiritual direction, and confessional dialogue play a key role in helping veterans find peace of mind and soul.  Traditional rites of confession and forgiveness have been practiced in the church for centuries, and provide a safe, life-giving, and and affirming formal structure to those who have a history of participation in religious rituals.  The following resources offer a formal traditional and an experiential encounter toward reconciliation and restoration.

Service of Remorse, Resolution and Restoration

Veterans signal the need and desire for forgiveness differently.  For those who do not have a history of participation in formal religious rites, a more informal confessional conversation may be warranted.

Service of Healing for Veterans

The faith community’s story is a narrative of hope and healing.  The narrative reveals profound connections among the physical, emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual aspects of human interaction with God.  The following resources provide opportunities for renewal, rebuilding, and restoring relationships with family, friends, community and God.  They offer a traditional, experiential and non-traditional approach toward healing and restoration.

 Service for Special Occasions